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Here Without You

I walk the valley of the dead in the world of the living, here without you!

The Digital Canvas


Concept Artist since 2011, painting fantasy worlds of her imagination with Photoshop. Known for creating her universe Etherea and Super Classified Creatures.

The Wojak Movie

Week 19 2022 Review

Sunday 15th May brought with it Issue #87 and the beginning of a crypto apocalypse.

This was also our longest and most detailed cover yet. It’s a cinematic design that tells the tragic tale of a LUNA investor losing everything - briefly regaining hope - and then losing even more. Red suggested that we make a classic Wojak comic book style short, the kind popularised on YouTube. That seemed to be the best way to capture the emotions everybody was feeling as the markets crashed.

The story is a simple but harrowing one. Wojak sits at his computer dreaming of success, Lamborghinis and pool parties only for the LUNA implosion to put an end to his aspirations.

A familiar face also appears. As Wojak applies for a job at McDonald’s, none other than #71 cover star Jose hands him the application form! Things are looking up for our frog friend, who’s now been promoted to assistant manager. Copium voices and Wojak’s inner monologue complete the cover. Fun fact: the horror scream is from heavy lifting champion Kyriakos.

Our lead article asked (with tongue firmly in cheek) whether the bloodbath meant the end of crypto forever. This was followed by the top 5 horror stories from the LUNA crash (we had a lot to choose from) and a more cheerful interview with p0pps, founder of the Regulars collection.

This issue’s eerie ArtDrop was especially fitting. ‘Here Without You’ by The Digital Canvas shows an apocalyptic landscape haunted by spectral monsters.

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