LOOKS Laundromat


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The Redlion Gazette is the first NFT weekly publication. Each week, we document all the NFT news and global historic events, which we then curate into interesting and educative articles and content.

The covers are all depictions of the news of that week filtered through the lens of many styles of art.

What is ArtDrop?

The ArtDrops are exclusive NFT art commissions that are available for free to ONLY the Redlion Gazette tokens owners of that week. The aim is to highlight good artistic work and ultimately to aspire artists to want to be featured on the ArtDrop.

Why Not

Why does it matter? Why do we care? Do we not have feelings? With different coloured hair?

Jason Balducci

Artist from Rome, living in Canada, communicating emotions through expressive artworks.

LOOKS Laundromat

Week 2 2022 Review

Issue #70 arrived on 16th January 2022 amidst the Looks Rare washer scandal. As analysis showed huge numbers of people using the marketplace for NFT wash trading, we styled the cover as a lo-fi laundromat. This was a special kind of laundromat, though: the machines washed NFTs and churned out $LOOKS! It’s a neon-drenched dreamscape that reveals ever more tiny details the longer you look. From the slowly revolving washers to the smoke rising from the coffee machine, this was one of our most immersive covers yet.

Astute viewers will notice Ghozali (who made headlines selling an NFT collection of 5000 selfies taken between 2017 and 2021) using a webcam behind the front desk. Keep exploring and you’ll find visual references to Gary Vee pumping Crypto Skulls (the Gary Balloon pump), a Meebit incense holder and a “danger slippage” sign referring to high fees. Another sign informs customers that they can get their laundry WETH or dry and you’ll even find a pair of OpenSea pirate eyes peeping in!

Ghozali’s remarkable rise to NFT prominence led Gazette. Not only did his collection sell out (earning him life-changing money), but he garnered an impressive 15k followers. For artists and creators, #70 also offered an essential guide to unlockable content.

The ArtDrop for Issue #70 was ‘Why Not’ by Italian artist Jason Balducci. Balducci creates expressive artwork to communicate complex emotions. ‘Why Not’ showcases the chaotic and often contradictory nature of feelings in a vibrant portrait.

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