Redlion Gazette


Introduced back in 2020 as a pioneering NFT subscription model.

With two subscription tiers, each subscription token grants the holder access to the Redlion ecosystem, exclusive content, and a digital collectible Gazette each week.

Super sub

Red Lion Club

52 Gazettes & 52 ArtDrops

95/100 available

Dedicated to our die-hard fans and frens. This soulbound token is a Redlion Gazette premium subscription tier. This NFT is non-transferable and will stay in your wallet forever.

  • Weekly Gazette delivery directly to your wallet

  • All Gazette 2023 issues guaranteed

  • Exclusive physical book Covers 2023 inc. shipping

  • 5 whitelist spots for REDLIONS PFP

  • Access to our ecosystem and all premium content

  • Discord priority contestant position for games

Regular sub

Gold Lion Club

49 Gazettes & 49 ArtDrops

Open edition

Greatest value recommended for Redlion Gazette enthusiasts. You will be able to mint the current live issue and all issues till the end of the year with this token.

  • Save ~30% on Gazette weekly full price

  • You can claim your Gazette during 2023

  • 2 whitelist spots for REDLIONS PFP

  • Exclusive premium content with owned Gazettes

  • Discord contestant position for games

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