Legendary Gazettes

The Legendary Gazette is a 1/1 fully animated version of our cover art that is auctioned off.

What are Legendary Gazettes?

Exclusive, original, one-of-one artwork created to document the latest news and events in the NFT and crypto space over the past week. The winner of the auction will receive a physical print of the artwork and other benefits throughout our ecosystem. Learn more

How do auctions work?

Once the first bidder meets the reserve price, the auction will start with a 72-hour countdown. If the next bidder joins the auction with a bid at least 10% higher than the previous bid, the countdown will reset to 36 hours. Each time a new participant enters the auction, the timer is reset to half the previous duration, down to a minimum of 3 hours. Learn more

Why should I bid?

Pay 2 Bid Mechanics: Even when you lose, you win!

Every non-winning bidder of the auction will receive a small reward for their bidding activity. The reward is calculated based on the difference between the previous bid amount and the newest bid. Learn more

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