Beeple Effect III


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Red Liya 🦁⭕

This lioness is specially for Redlione owners🤘😎



Digital artist(CG, 3D, Ph)😈🤘🏻 Love portrait and wild style😎👑 I love to convey the mood through my Phtalism dolls.

Beeple Effect III

Week 10 2021 Review

Issue #26 went to publication on Sunday 14th of March 2021, the 10th week of the year. The amazing 3D cover with the Beeple rolling theme was created by master Dudly. The 10th week of the year was the biggest week for NFTs ever! Christie’s auction of Beeple’s “EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS” closed for north of $69 million USD! On top of that, there were 3 Alien Punk sales! Punk #7523 sold for an undisclosed amount, and right after that Punk#3100 and Punk #7804 were sold for 4200 ETH a piece. At the same time we experienced a massive FOMO wave fueled by “ecological concerns”. We also covered some pixel projects that were all the rage back then with Kongz and the revival of CryptoCats being two of them. The cover is again on an alien planet, more futuristic this time. There is a super big ancient bust of the very recognisable Beeple profile pic protruding through the ground. On the foreground you can see three aliens making money deals. Look closer and you can even make out the different traits of each alien. Another cover created under heavy pressure for meeting the publishing deadline but nonetheless an instant classic, selling out 200 editions lightning fast. This was a historic week that will be hard to top! The ArtDrop for issue #26 was “Red Liya” by the artist Stanair, who combines beauty and vileness at the same time.

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