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Cover Story

The Redlion Gazette is the first NFT weekly publication. Each week, we document all the NFT news and global historic events, which we then curate into interesting and educative articles and content.

The covers are all depictions of the news of that week filtered through the lens of many styles of art.

What is ArtDrop?

The ArtDrops are exclusive NFT art commissions that are available for free to ONLY the Redlion Gazette tokens owners of that week. The aim is to highlight good artistic work and ultimately to aspire artists to want to be featured on the ArtDrop.

Inner Circles

There are infinite beings inside each one of us. Divine powers, souls, higher callings, call them anything you like. They help us, shape us, and mold us into creatures who will always be on a journey to inner paths through psychedelics and other remedies

Prateek Dhiman


I'm an Illustrator who is inclined towards complex art which shows an amalgamation of nature and psychedelia. My designs require a certain degree of attention and patience to consume it wholly.

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