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The Redlion Gazette is the first NFT weekly publication. Each week, we document all the NFT news and global historic events, which we then curate into interesting and educative articles and content.

The covers are all depictions of the news of that week filtered through the lens of many styles of art.

What is ArtDrop?

The ArtDrops are exclusive NFT art commissions that are available for free to ONLY the Redlion Gazette tokens owners of that week. The aim is to highlight good artistic work and ultimately to aspire artists to want to be featured on the ArtDrop.
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The Girl with Blue Stripes

The portrait is in oil on cardboard, size 30x40 cm. It depicts a girl in a state of quiet solitude, setting up for reflection.

Marina Troino

Oil and watercolor painter from Kazan. I am inspired by people, music, feelings, hand aesthetics and free solitude

Land ho!

Week 38 2021 Review

Issue #53 was published on Sunday, September 19, 2021, week 37 of the year. The issue came in hot with the OpenSea drama! The scandalous cover was created by Dudly. There was no shortage of stories, with HEX supporters suing CMC, Google announcing a multi-year partnership to scale Flow blockchain, and the usual doses of drama from SushiSwap. But nothing could top the juicy OpenSea scandal. The reveal was dramatic, to say the least. OS released a public statement admitting the scandal, after Twitter’s best Hercule Poirots brought the suspicious transactions to light. It was discovered that Nate Chastain had been buying and selling NFTs based on advance information he acquired in his position as the head of product at OpenSea. This BTS activity sent waves through the community and instantly sparked the cover for issue #53. Aye! We brought our guns out to cover the scandal! The artwork depicts a pirate captain’s cabin in the open sea, decked with all the looks and sounds of a rusty old ship, and a macaw that clearly supports insider trading. The captain is seen slumped, sleeping in his chair, leaving the treasure map sprawled and unguarded on his table. Of course, our onlooker here and junior crewmate played by the talented Nate Chastain has spotted it and it now has his interest. The content of the treasure map is quickly scanned by Nate for future references while the ship continues to sail unknowing of the mishap that has taken place on the inside. In the background, you can spot the frog CrypToadz by Gremplin, HEX logo, miso soup on the left of the table, and chips with Google and Flow logos on the right in reference to the other articles from the issue. Even though the event put NFTs in a bad light, being tagged as a nascent industry, it has overgrown and moved on to greener pastures. The ArtDrop for issue #53 was “The Girl with Blue Stripes” by the artist Marina Troino, whose works are inspired by people, music, feelings, and solitary moments.

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