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The Redlion Gazette is the first NFT weekly publication. Each week, we document all the NFT news and global historic events, which we then curate into interesting and educative articles and content.

The covers are all depictions of the news of that week filtered through the lens of many styles of art.

What is ArtDrop?

The ArtDrops are exclusive NFT art commissions that are available for free to ONLY the Redlion Gazette tokens owners of that week. The aim is to highlight good artistic work and ultimately to aspire artists to want to be featured on the ArtDrop.
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A Silent Day for You

Today is a day when you want a peaceful and silent day....! You want to wake up in the morning and have a good breakfast in silence and rest. Today is one of those days, isn't it? A day full of silence and peace ...so: just rest!

Fatima yasrebi

Fatima Yasrebi is a 2D animator, director, and illustrator who creates emotion-packed artworks, often revolving around psychological themes.

Greetings from Metaverse

Week 12 2022 Review

Issue #80 was released on Sunday 27th March after one of the slowest news weeks we can remember!

Sometimes a slow week can be a good thing. Without a lead story to influence our cover, we had to get creative. Red suggested a postcard from the Metaverse; something to welcome degens, creatives and designers into the wonderful world of Web3. 

This was a big challenge to render and might not have come to life at all if Dudley hadn’t stepped in at the last minute. Cityscapes are his speciality and he didn’t disappoint. Issue #80’s immersive time-lapse is the result of 12 hours of drawing, countless 60’s futuristic city illustrations and a final stroke of colouring.

What began as a creative challenge ended with one of our most unique covers yet. Fusing a 1960s-style postcard design with a futuristic Metaverse theme wasn’t easy, but it was certainly fun and the end result was unlike anything we’d done before.

Gazette opened with a countdown of the biggest celebrity NFT fails. Melania Trump, Mark Cuban, John Cena and many more are proof that fame doesn’t always equal success in Web3. We also covered how NFTs were helping the Ukrainian war effort, why a pair of rug pullers could face jail time and included the third part of our guide to Bridgeworld.

The ArtDrop for #80 was all about peace and serenity. “A Silent Day for You” by Fatima Yasrebi evokes a world of luscious greens, deep vegetation and relaxed, Sunday morning vibes.

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