Death RIP


Week 8–14 | 2023

The Inevitable

Come join our journey on the River Styx as we explore NFTs addressing Life, Death and the After. All ticket sales are final!


Junkyard Artdrop 130

Week 10 2023

46 editions

This used to be my playground

The third week of The Inevitable brings us a new ArtDrop by Junkyard. In his unapologetic style, Junkyard evokes the pain of life and what lies beyond – and hints that even the lord of the underworld does not enjoy his station.

Junkyard is a professional artist known for using his gritty and rubber hose cartoon style artwork to evoke discomfort. His anxiety-inducing exploration of controversial and dark subjects is often juxtaposed with smiling characters.

Artdrop 129 Unicode

Week 9 2023

28 editions


The second week of The Inevitable brings us Antipode by Unicode, which explores the duality of life and death. The piece depicts a female figure split in two, with one side flesh and the other skeletal, reflecting the idea of opposing forces.

Unicode is an artist that embodies the #StayGenuine ethos. As a core member of the Genuine Undead artist community, he is always there for his fellow GU holders – whether it’s a paid commission or a free background, Unicode gives. And he deserves so much.

Tenebrini artdrop deliverance

Week 8 2023

43 editions


The first week of The Inevitable brings us Deliverance by TΞNΞBRINI. The skull theme is certainly on brand for the DeathFam, but it melds with his more recent artwork, like the Burds. Deliverance reminds us that death is always lurking.

Steve Tenebrini aka TΞNΞBRINI thinks about death. A lot. As the artist and driving force behind the DeathWish 365 project, he thought about death and drew a 1/1 skull every single day for 365 days straight. And that was just the first year of the project

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